Olivia Newton-John

Olivia Newton-John


DIT Web Solutions would like to acknowledge Olivia Newton-John for the amazing entertainment she has provided to us since the 70’s. She recently passed away on Aug 8, 2022, at the age of 73.

The question is not whether you watched her famous movie “Grease,” but rather how many times did you watch it? I’ll say at least 10 times for me, how about you?

She was known for her sweet, flowing voice, like honey coming out of a jar. It was so soothing and effortless. The soundtrack of “Grease” was loaded with hits like “Hopelessly Devoted,” “You’re the One That I Want,” “Summer Nights,” and so on.
She was the real deal: dancer, actor, and singer; sharing her amazing talents for everyone  to enjoy.

Olivia explained: “I think the songs are timeless. They’re fun and have great energy. The ’50s-feel music has always been popular, and it’s nostalgic for my generation, and then the young kids are rediscovering it every 10 years or so, it seems. People buying the album was a way for them to remember those feelings of watching the movie and feelings of that time period. I feel very grateful to be a part of this movie that’s still loved so much.”

My wife used to tell me how “Xanadu” was one of her favorite childhood movies. I missed that one originally, so when she told me I had to watch it. I’ve been singing Newton-John’s song “Xanudu” in my head the last two days. Another great hit!

Then, moving with the times, but tastefully done in my opinion, in an era with Madonna showing up with “Like A Virgin,” Olivia launched “Physical,” to add to the sexiness of the times but done her way, which was clean, attractive, and accomplishing what she wanted to accomplish. Yet another hit!

With 100 million+ records sold worldwide, Newton-John is one of the best-selling music artists from the second half of the 20th century!

Olivia was an activist for environmental and animal rights causes, and advocated for breast cancer research.

Something I didn’t know, although originally from the United Kingdom, then living in the United States for most of her adult life, she considered herself an Australian. It worked, as I always thought she was from Australia.

Did you know her manager contacted DIT Web Solutions to help create a new website for her just last year? The only hesitancy, which was valid at the time, was whether to proceed due to her health. We were honoured to even have been asked and are dedicating our next 10 websites to her, wherever she is heading to next.

John Travolta, who I am privileged to have met, said upon her passing:

“My dearest Olivia, you made all of our lives so much better. Your impact was incredible. I love you so much,”  “We will see you down the road and we will all be together again. Yours from the first moment I saw you and forever! Your Danny, Your John!”

She truly lived to entertain and help others.

My takeaways from Olivia that we can use in our businesses:

  • Focus on helping others and all will come out right.
  • Be multi-talented, or in our cases, have a few products or services you are REALLY GOOD AT!
  • Be active on Social Media. If you can do it yourself, great. If not, that’s why we are here!
  • Adjust with the times as she did. If you aren’t sure, that’s where our Market Research services come in.
  • Promote something you have a passion for that will help make a better world. Incorporate that in your business. We can help you promote that with SEO, Google Ads, and Social Media.

We are “Hopelessly Devoted” to you Olivia, and we will miss you.
Thank you for all you did.


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