How To Keep Visitors Looking Around Longer

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The Secret: Be Interesting!

A Strategy For Keeping Qualified Prospects From Leaving Your Website Too Soon

It’s one thing to get someone that actually needs what you’re selling to visit your website but it’s a whole other science in keeping them from leaving before they fully digest all of the valuable content you have to offer them.

Here are 5 things you can do, today, to increase the amount of time visitors hang around your website:

  1. Be Interesting To Them! Start each page with a paragraph that clearly defines what’s in it for them to read on and explore the rest of your site;
  2. Inspire users to take specific & immediate action. Drive your visitor to take action – read this… learn more… call now… email for information… request a brochure… place an order…  share a post… leave feedback;
  3. Make mobile a fulfilling experience. Test your website on your own phone to ensure that text and images flow logically and that getting to your core content is easy and fast;
  4. Lead the visitor deeper into your website by discussing products and services within a larger experience. Highlight features, advantages and testimonials on a primary landing page but expand on the ‘how’ and ‘why’ inside of blog posts that incorporate screen casts, webinars and other multi-media video content – all the while encouraging visitors to share pages and posts on social networks; and
  5. Connect the visitor directly to useful information about complimentary and substitute products. For example, if you’re discussing performance summer tires, then offer quick links and excerpts from your other blog posts relating to rims and snow tires.

How do I measure an improvement in how well I’m engaging website visitors?

First, you need to determine your bounce rate. The bounce rate tells you how sticky, or engaging, your site is. If your site is connected to Google Analytics then you can monitor this number in real time, tweaking and improving your site on the fly to keep people from leaving before they come to understand and appreciate the real value that you are offering them.

A low bounce rate suggests that the content you are providing is interesting and inspires visitors to look around a bit more before heading off.

A high bounce rate suggests that either people are being lead to your site and not finding what they’re looking for fast enough OR that you give so much away so quickly that they don’t have any desire or interest in looking to see what else you have to offer.

Either way, it’s recommended that you become intimate with the numbers that tell you what’s working and what’s not – then, build on your site’s strengths while re-working low-interest content in support of that which is keeping people stuck to your website, already.

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