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Every website requires FOUR fundamental setup-actions to be on the internet.

While these subjects may seem boring and complex, let’s simplify them in this article and create an analogy between your website an a HOUSE.

(*see below for an explanation of SSL)

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This is the land you build your house on. Without land to build on, you cannot build a house.  Without paying for your “land” or space on the internet, you cannot build a website.

Don’t buy land with 100 other houses piled into it; get your own plot and protect it from intruders.  Cheap hosting often has 100’s of other websites piled into the same space, and this can cause you problems with your own web property.

Hosting is typically paid as an annual fee and should be secure and hassle-free. For more information on Hosting, check out this video:

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Domain Names

Location, location, location, a key factor in purchasing any property. Every house has an address. This is the same on the Internet and your domain name is your address. You need to have an address so people can find you.

You must remember your address and who you bought it from. If you lose it, you may never be able to find your property again, or worse, someone else could buy your address right from under you and you would lose your property.

Your Domain Name (address) is typically paid for annually and is usually the lowest cost item.  You can see examples of Domain Names here:

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Now that you have purchased the land, built your house and have an address, the last thing you would do is leave your keys in the front door for anyone to come by and break in.

Security is a whole different system that you set up to protect your property and the contents within. Website Security Services is very similar in that you need to protect the files and content that make up the website from hackers and intruders that want to create havoc with your website.

Security is typically paid as an annual fee and should include full protection of your web property. For more information on Security as a service, check out this video:

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SSL (Secure Socket Layer)

This is just a fancy name for a lock on your front door and on your mailbox.  Your website often has forms or portals where people provide you information to subscribe to your newsletters, request more information, get quotes, purchase through a payment portal, etc.  This has to be secure so their information stays safe and confidential.

When you see a lock on the left side of a website name in the search bar, that is the SSL.  Without this, it will show unlocked and insecure.  People are not likely to trust your site and won’t enter your web property without the lock.

Example of SSL Lock:

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DIT Web Solutions offers these four core services for all our customers as needed.  We are happy to set you up with any of the services you may be missing, or if you would like to move to a more robust, stable platform.

For more information on any of these items, please contact us today.

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