Coca-Cola, A Brand That Dominates The Planet

Coca-Cola, A Brand That Dominates The Planet

How do you get your company and brand dominating across an entire planet? Start studying Coca-Cola and you will find out.

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Here are my marketing questions on this giant of all giants. First of all, it’s a comparison world. How was Rocky 1 vs Rocky II, III, IV, V? We always compare. How was the restaurant you just went to vs the last one?  Your last cell phone bill vs your current one? It’s human nature to compare.

Or which do you like better? Pepsi or Coke. Let’s do the Pepsi challenge. I did that challenge. I knew the difference instantly between both. At that time as a young teenager, I chose Pepsi. But funny enough, I drink Coke. Why? Could it be they out-branded and better positioned themselves in my mind and others?

That challenge helped both brands even if the majority chose Pepsi. Pepsi promoted Coke during this challenge so as to promote themselves. It was a great marketing campaign, and it was a win win for each brand as both got colossal dissemination of their brand.

Which is better? Does it matter? In 2020, Pepsi had a market cap of $188.6 billion while Coca-Cola had a market cap of $185.8 billion. This includes all the other drinks they own as well.

Let’s talk a bit about Coca Cola or Coke as we all call it. I was in Greece last summer and I ordered a Coke that I haven’t seen in Canada, sweetened with Stevia! It was quite tasty; it became my drink on the beach. In a remote, small part of the island of Crete, Coke again found a way to get my business along with many others.

Coke trucks are everywhere. Their branded fridges, coolers, pop machines are everywhere. Their drinks are everywhere.

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During one trip to the island of Crete several years ago, unfortunately my wife and her grandma became ill. We went to the local doctor who did the usual, and prescribed some antibiotics. After a few days, I wasn’t satisfied with the recovery progress of either. I called Dr. George and asked if there was anything he could do? Do you know what the doctor told me to do?

“Have them drink some Coca-Cola!”
I couldn’t believe the local island doctor prescribed Coca-Cola and my rebuttal was uninhibited, “Coke, why would I give them that? It’s full of sugar!” The doctor replied, “It is also full of electrolytes and what they need in this hot environment.” Who knew? Well, obviously not me!

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In a remote section of the island of Crete, the doctor prescribed Coke. He didn’t say 7 UP, he didn’t say coconut water, he didn’t say Orange Crush – he said Coke! What a brand!

We purchase every day based on pleasure: pizza, chips, coke, chocolate, the list goes on. Pleasure Moments connected with Coca-Cola – who doesn’t love recounting past pleasure moments?

Here are some of mine and what others have relayed to me over the years:

  1. I used to run and get those small coke bottles to check under the bottle cap and see if I had won something. Remember those?
  2. My brother, when he smoked cigarettes, said to me, there’s nothing better than a coke and cigarette.
  3. Pizza and Coke, mmm nice combo.
  4. I hear it goes well with Rum.
  5. Practically every party I ever went to had some Coke in the house.

Louie The Greek Coca-Cola Marketing Takeaways

Ok here is what I see:

  1. Be the first brand in your audience’s mind. Coca-Cola goes back to the beginning of time. It’s first in everyone’s mind regardless of anything else that gets released thereafter. “You can’t touch this” – courtesy of MC Hammer.
  2. Put your brand everywhere: trucks, fridges, bottles, cans.
  3. Expand your brand everywhere: t-shirts, caps, clocks, Crete Island…
  4. Be strong in Public Relations. If I had two dollars left in my pocket, $1.00 dollar would go to PR.
  5. Don’t change what works. Even Coke made that mistake with the New Coke that was released in the 80’s. It did not hit the mark so they quickly went back to Classic Coke.
  6. You can test new things like the new Coca-Cola Life with stevia. I would prefer a new brand name personally so as to not mess with the main brand, but if you do this, do it as a pilot without changing anything on your main brand at all. Better yet, survey first before you try new things. They seem to be doing this with Coca-Cola Life as it is not available everywhere.
  7. Keep your colours. I just saw a red stop sign while I took a break and I thought of a red Coke can. 

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