Top 5 Web Design Predictions for 2010

Time to pack away the old and push forward with new web design trends that we will see more often in 2010.

It certainly feels good to start the new year off with doing what you enjoy. We are very excited for the new year as we have many new projects planned for both clients and ourselves internally.

Here are some continued web design predictions for 2010:

1. Larger Images Than Usual

The use of large images isn't directly related to the brand's visual elements; it creates a unique visual impact for visitors. The experience is often memorable and will leave the visitors feeling like they understand the tone - big images quickly convey the site's tone and give preview to internal pages.

2. Oversized Footers

Why has the footer always been some tiny after thought? It can be a very useful place for users to find further information and an opportunity for website owners to place further marketing material/advertisements. The information in the footer may not be critical, so we'll continue to see more secondary information in the footer.

3. Modal Boxes

These are being used more often today than ever before. The Modal Box is like classic pop-up window but much cooler. Like a cool uncle. It is a slick way to display information on top of your existing website content that is only needed for a short period of time.

4. A Different Perspective

Most website have a similar, consistent perspective. We will see more designers play around with different perspectives in 2010 to create unique experiences.

5. Large Introduction Space

The best way to get your message across is by using a lot of space to display that message. This creates a personal introduction for the website and immediately shows the visitor what content the website will contain.

In Closing

These are only a few new web design trends that will continue to grow this year. The use of non-web-friendly Typography is on the rise since the newer browsers are able to support fonts much better. With services like Cufon, we are happy to create experiences with design flexibility not limited to web technology.

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