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Email Campaigns: Doomed Without 3 Things

Email engagement statistics for business suggest about 25% of your email marketing is being opened but less than 3% of your target audience clicks through to your offer. So, why are your emails being overlooked by the other 97%?

People agree to open an unsolicited email, click on your display ad or initiate an on-line chat with a sales representative with the exact same intent and expectation as picking up a jug of laundry detergent at the grocery store – “I’m investing this moment of my life in picking up your product over all the others on the shelf because your presentation promises to solve my immediate laundry problems.”

Now, experience your current email subject lines, display ads, website landing pages, post cards, promotional Youtube videos, flyers and brochures from the perspective of your target audience: have you clearly defined a big enough problem to consume their immediate attention and have you clearly presented yourself as the ultimate, no-risk solution?

If not, then why do you expect them to respond to it with immediate interest?

Digital marketing is about getting agreement on three things in about the time it takes them to blink their eyes:

(1)   their source of income, well being, social status or quality of life is being threatened (I’m going to lose money/customers if… I’m going to become sick if… my friends aren’t going to respect me if… I won’t be able to take that vacation if…);

(2)   that they need to acquire your product now or their situation is going to worsen exponentially; and

(3)   that your business is a vital part of that formulation.

Highly effective digital marketing diagnoses the illness and positions both your business and your product as the all-in-one medication that will bring your patient immediate relief. And, you must get agreement on point #3 – that you’re as much a part of the remedy as the medicinal ingredients – otherwise, all you’ve accomplished is making a cash register ring in someone else’s pharmacy.

Now, we don’t want to see you waste your hard-earned money on low-and-no-return campaigns; especially if the underlying reason is because you may not have access to the expertise or time needed to generate the results you desire.

Before risking any more money please request our FREE 25-POINT CHECKLIST that will help you identify what your digital marketing program is missing.  Then, give us a call to discuss a few ideas that will help deliver up high-quality leads to your salespeople.


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Email Campaigns: Doomed Without 3 Things

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