The Importance of Whiskey While Working

Jamie Kosoy from the Big Spaceship mentioned many great disciplines during his presentation at FITC - Whiskey was a humorous reference to "being more productive" under the influence.

Some disciples that stuck where:

Be Positive

Keep getting a fantastic product out the door that you are passionate and positive about. See through those day-to-day problems and never give up!

Review the Contract with the Team

Before a contract is signed by the client, it is important to show the team what they will be creating or "what they are getting into". This allows EVERY team member to understand the expectations of the project. This can also raise awareness of any challenges that may come up later.

Have Regular Work Hours

Too often, is design and development associated with long work hours. If the project is properly planned, then it can be executed within a regular work schedule. There may be challenges that arise, but it shouldn't push anyone to stay past the 9-5 work schedule. Each team member is responsible for their tasks and if they are working longer hours, then perhaps the need extra help or under-estimated timing.

Have an Agenda for the Day

Members of the team get into the "zone" during the day. If they are interrupted without expecting, then they will be taken out of that work "zone" into something else. It could lead to a slight dip in productivity as they will have to get back into that "zone" of work later in the day. This can be avoided if the day is planned and they know what to expect.


This is the most valuable point - each member must be apart of the entire process from start to finish. To ensure the highest quality, the designer has to be involved during the development process. Design simply shouldn't be "handed-off" without looking back! These people are all important and should be heavily vested in all corners of the project. No matter if they are the CEO or an intern - get involved!

These key points can easily be overlooked in any work environment. We certainly pay close attention to them during our process!

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