Teaching Made Easy – DIT Canada’s Learning Management System

DIT Canada has recently released its hottest new product – a Learning Management System. This system allows you to create a course curriculum, specifically based on your industry, and place it on-line. Employees can access the information to learn new techniques or shortcuts, and clients can garner knowledge on areas that you have expertise.

  • Learning for Employees
    • Wouldn’t it be nice to train new employees without losing resources for that training? DIT Canada’s Learning Management System is the perfect tool; whether employees are having difficulty with one part of a software program, or if you’d like to place your entire training program on-line, this program works perfectly.
  • Learning for Customers
    • Everyone is an expert at something; whether it be cake decorating or dog grooming, everyone has something they can teach. DIT Canada’s Learning Management System allows you to teach in an area without spending all the time required to sit down and actually guide someone through the process. This is an excellent new revenue stream for your company, no matter what industry you are in.

How it works

The Learning Management System is a platform for you to place your unique content. Once you decide what you’d like users to learn, all you have to do is provide us with the information – we will place it on the platform and give you pass codes, the keys, if you will. You can opt to have a one-off or a licence, and/or choose to provide pass codes to a group of people or individuals. You can also include a quiz at the end of each course or session, and allow other people to add to the course content as well. DIT Canada’s Learning Management System really is the perfect training tool.

Below are screenshots of our system as used by the great team at BetterBeer.com. If you have an interest in taking one of their courses to become a Beer Service Expert, reach out to them here!









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