Mapping your Business on the Web

Maps have long been used on the web, and with the amount of data that now comes along with mapping services such as Google Maps and Apple's new iOS map application, being "on the map" has a whole new meaning.

There is the obvious use of a map that is only a slight expansion on the original done with paper maps - looking for something and finding it on a 2 dimensional image. Google have without a doubt been instrumental in realizing the potential for maps on the internet.

The most basic use for someone creating a presence on the web is a map on your "Contact Us" page. Immediately someone can see where you are, and if you have done it right, find out how to get there. Though this is simple, it is vital if you have a location that people will be visiting in person to use your products.

Sometimes the need to present information based upon location goes beyond the simple "how do I get there?" Digital Ink Technologies has the answer to how you can map your information.


Haiti Aid Map

Sumatra Eyes on the Forest

Whether for internal in-company use or for the world at large, if you have location based information contact us to find out how we can represent your information in 2 dimensions on a map.

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